Are you feeling a bit lonely, then please do phone one of these wonderful people from our Church who have offered to be available at the end of the phone for a friendly chat.

Barbara Rycroft. 01243 776692

Revd. David Hider. 01243 377636

Richard Bates. 07801 395102

John Sheppard. 07834 645420

Sue Harrison. 01243 784983

Ann Gray. 01243 778288

Jennie Christie.  01243 532642

Ken and Pauline. 01243 788190

Mike and Sue Lewis. 01243 784186

Adrian Moss 07860 236505

Gordon Ellis 07718 512860

Marion Egerton – 01243 785226

Jane Chitty 01243 776767 or 07833 737997

This is just an initial list, if you would like to have your name added, please do let me know, either call:01243 920346 or email your details to

In these coming months we will need each other like never before. I also have a list of those who have offered practical help, if you need shopping or medicines collected, or if you know of someone in real need, please do contact me. Likewise if you wanted to add your name to that list, please just let me know.

Finally, following the recent announcement last night, it is with great sadness that we have to close the churches completely. But don’t forget, we are still the church in community, please check that your church friends have subscribed on this website, and invite others who would like spiritual/prayerful support at this time to do the same.

Please keep safe, and let us all play our part in saving lives as we support our wonderful NHS.