An important Update – (26th June 2020)

“The committee of the Fishbourne Literary Festival have made the difficult decision to cancel the  2020 Festival.  It was originally hoped that the Festival, re-scheduled from March, could take place in September.  However, it seems unlikely that social distancing rules will have relaxed sufficiently by then to enable this event to take place within those requirements. 
In these uncertain times, the Committee has decided not to fix a date in 2021, but to monitor developments, and come back when large scale events of this kind are viable.  We will keep you updated, and are exploring the possibility of online interviews to retain contact with our audience.
We do have a problem with the books for the book sale, currently in about 150 boxes.  If anyone knows of any possible space where these could be stored pending the re-staging, can you contact Gordon Ellis (01243 774520 or 0771 8512860)?  Alternatively, if you could store perhaps 5 or 10 boxes, please let Gordon know – we only need 30 people to take 5 boxes each.
With many thanks to the helpers and team who have worked so hard to organise this event – we will be back”


Please visit the Fishbourne Loves Books website for more details.