The Finances of St Peter & St Mary’s Church

This page sets out the way in which your Church uses its resources, and the ways in which you can contribute to them.

St Peter and St Mary’s costs roughly £300 a day to run, £2,100 a week.

Our electoral roll for 2018 had 201 people on it, 56 of whom live outside our parish.

We have run at a loss for several years, the spending gap being met by taking from reserves which were boosted by a legacy of over £50,000 in 2014.

  • Our income comes from:
  • Giving (parish giving, standing orders, envelopes, open plate collections)
  • Tax recovered from Gift Aid giving
  • St Peter’s Place letting
  • Fund Raising events
  • One-off donations and Legacies

The money we spend goes on:

  • Our Diocesan Share (which goes to pay for all clergy costs, incl. housing, pensions, training)
  • Ministry
  • Looking after the Church property (the Church and Hall)
  • Running costs of the Church and Hall (service items, fuel, water, insurance etc)
  • Giving to other charities

How You Can Help – Ways of Giving

Give Cash at a Church Service
This is a great way to help. By using a Gift Aid envelope (if you pay tax) it increases the value by 25%.

Weekly Envelopes
Weekly envelopes are a way of regularly giving. You are supplied with a set of numbered and dated envelopes, one for each Sunday of the year. The number enables Gift Aid to be claimed.

Standing Orders
Alternatively, you can set up a standing order. We can help you set this up and it only needs doing once. You can review it and change the amount at any time, and again you can specify that the donation if Gift Aided.

The Parish Giving Scheme
This is a relatively new way of Giving. The Parish Giving organisation, which does not charge for its services, collects a standard amount monthly via Direct Debit, and claims any Gift Aid for the Church. You can review the amount at any time, or request that it be increased annually by the rate of inflation.

Via A Legacy
Why not remember your Church in your Will? A Guidance leaflet on this is available at the back of the Church.

Making a Donation
People sometimes make a one-off donation: in memory of a loved one or to mark a wedding, baptism or renewal of vows. Again Gift Aid enhances its value.

Supporting a Fund-Raising Event

We’ve registered with easyfundraising and we need your help!
Easyfundraising is a great website where you can help fund St Peter & St Mary’s Church, Fishbourne by raising funds by simply doing your everyday online shopping with over 3,600 big name retailers like Waitrose, John Lewis, Amazon, Argos, ASOS, Booking .com, Ebay, Boden, & many more which can be found on their website.
Every time you shop, we receive a small financial gift to say ‘thank you’ & its completely free too – you pay exactly the same amount as you would going to the retailers own website.
We want to raise as much as possible so please sign up & help us @
The money raised will automatically be paid into the Church’s bank account.
From time to time we will share with you the amount raised.
Any queries please contact Jennie on 01243 532642 or

To Sum Up
Your giving of money helps us keep the Church open and available for the whole community of Fishbourne. The various ways you can give allow you to choose one that suits you, and if you pay tax, Gift Aid enables your gift to be increased by a quarter. If you have any questions, our PCC Treasurer, Robert Christie, is available to help in confidence. Contact him on 01243 532642, or email

And Remember……….

God and Us

God Gives Us His:

  • Unconditional Love
  • The life of His Son
  • Forgiveness
  • Guidance on How to Live Our Lives
  • Presence Amongst Us
  • Listening Ear When We Pray to Him

We Give God Our:

  • Faith
  • Obedience
  • Prayers
  • Worship
  • Help in Spreading His Word
  • Time