February 2019

Hi, folks! It’s Lemon-Ted here once again!

We Teds ponder a lot. We also eat a lot. And we sleep a lot. Which means that days … and weeks … and months pass quickly. Not that this matters much. What else do us Ted’s have to do? So, sitting and pondering, I realise that, since I put together my last message to you, time has flown by. Then, it was about Christmas lists, now it is about summer holidays. When I think about it, after the same amount of time since the last sharing of my ponders to now has passed again, we’ll be rapidly approaching the end of another school year. And, once that same period of time passes again, it’ll be back to Christmas lists! Oh, how you humans wish your life away.

Pondering comes recommended. It helps to slow down the pace of life and brings opportunities to reflect before doing. And to reflect before doing can bring its rewards in that better decisions can be made. This is a good time of year to ponder. From the debris on my man’s desk, I can see that the season of Lent is just around the corner. Yes, some will feel the need to ponder what to give up for the season – chocolate, biscuits, cake, alcohol – all so traditional and, surely, by now care ought to be taken about consumption of such foods anyway! Some others will feel the need to ponder what extra ‘good thing’ to do – never a bad thing, but why just restrict this to a few designated weeks of the year? A few will do nothing – but, then, there are always some in this category, aren’t there! But, how many of you will just commit to finding a quiet place just to ponder? To let the air around you breathe its inspiration into you. To let the issues of your heart and head be put into place and order. No format, no predetermined script, no specific mantra. Just to ponder. As an example, I understand that one of your great Biblical characters did just this – ‘ponder things in her heart’.

When we Teds take up our pondering position, we like to be comfortable. So, we sit in a favourite place, looking out into the beauty of the natural world. We’ll have some creature comforts close by – in my case, a jar of honey or marmalade. Pondering sometimes can make me hungry! And, we’ll have a notepad ready to jot down any thoughts that might come – my memory, like his, is not good, these days! ‘If I just sit and ponder, I might nod off,’ I hear you say. Not a problem in this Ted’s thinking. I have had my best ponders during an unplanned nap. The trick is not actually to go to sleep. ‘Just resting my eyes,’ is what I say when anyone accuses me of actually sleeping during my ponders, ‘it helps focus my mind!’. And, focusing the mind on what is good or bad, relevant or irrelevant, is what good pondering is all about. It should bring positive thinking to the forefront and put negative thoughts in their place. My hope is that you will try to use these next few weeks to put aside some time each day – it doesn’t have to be a lot – just to ponder. I just know that you will feel the benefit so much so that you will continue to find time to ponder for ever afterwards.

Yours ponderingly