Planning a funeral. It’s your church.

Although it may seem morbid to think about our funeral well in advance, it can in fact be so very helpful for loved ones and friends to be aware of our wishes.
There are so many choices to be made, where to hold the funeral, what we would like included, who is going to take part, etc, and many people have to make these decisions at the time they are just recently bereaved, not always easy to do and it can be very confusing.
So I encourage you to give it some thought now, whatever your age.

Did you know, that if you live in Fishbourne you can have the funeral service in the church, even if a person is going to be cremated. You do not need to have attended the church or feel that you have much of a faith, it is your church.

By using it you will not be limited to time as is often the case at the crematorium.
In fact many people are now choosing to have the whole of the service in church, committal as well, the coffin is then taken by the undertakers to the Crematorium so that everyone can go to the event that has been planned for afterwards. Getting across Chichester is not always easy which is why this way of doing the funeral has become very popular. It allows everyone to stay together to share their stories of the person they knew. Or if you prefer, the committal can take place at the crematorium following the service in church.

Careful consideration is given to make your service as special and unique as you are. When held in the church, more family and friends can be involved in it, by reading, or saying a few words.

And help is always given if needed when choosing hymns, music and readings. If you would like to find out more, please do contact please do contact Revd Jessica Reid. She can be contacted by email or by telephone. Her number is 01243 533112.