Messy Church will be at Fishbourne at 4.30pm on Sunday 10th March – and then every second Sunday except in August.

The inaugural Messy Church met on the 14th October and what fun we all had. Several families came, some known to Fishbourne Church others new to our Church. The theme was “The Good Shepherd” and there was a sheep hunt and badge making to start with and then we gathered together for praise, singing and a short talk from Moira. Then the children joined in with several activities which seemed to stimulate their imaginations and their creative skills. We all loved sharing a hot supper which completed the evening. We had a fabulous team of helpers, thank you to everyone, including those who gave of time cooking, advertising, setting up and much, much more.

Comments included
“We enjoyed all of it”
“We enjoyed the games, decorating biscuits and eating dinner”
“Fun selections of crafts and a lovely cooked meal”
“More for the older children to keep their interests”
We really hope to build on the success of our first Messy Church so please feel free to help or come along and join in.

The next Messy Church meeting will be on 10th March at 4.30pm – and we then meet every second Sunday of the month except in August.

Contact Moira, Jenny, Marion, Caroline, Louisa or Sam for more information or ring

For more general information about Messy Church organisation please visit