Weddings at St. Peter and St. Mary’s Church Fishbourne.

Congratulations, if you are looking at this page you must be considering getting married. We look forward to making your wedding day very special and unique.

If you live in Fishbourne and fulfil all the legal requirements you have the right to be married in the parish church, even if you do not attend the services. It is your church.

If you don’t live in the parish, but have a connection to it, you may still be able to marry here. Please do check on the church of England website for the qualifying connections. There are a few different ones, and as long as you have some evidence there should not be a problem.

Divorce does not prevent you from getting married in the church although this will depend on individual circumstances so you will need to discuss this with the parish priest.

Fishbourne church is a beautiful place in a wonderful setting, with free parking, it is open every day so you are welcome to pop down and take a look. And a church wedding offers great value for money. This year, 2019, the fee is £745, (it is subject to a small increase each year), this includes: all the legal fees, church costs, organist, verger, flowers in the church and the marriage certificate.

There are parts of the ceremony that have to be included for legal reasons, but we try very hard to include other things you would like to have in it as well. Family members or friends are welcome to read a poem or a reading. Soloists can sing, and dogs are welcome too. It is after all your wedding day, and we want it to be one that you will remember.

Marriage is a wonderful way of life, and getting married is a beautiful public statement of love. So if you would like to discuss things further, please do contact Revd Jessica Reid. She can be contacted by email or by telephone. Her number is 01243 533112.